Funky Tree aims to achieve good school results and more self-confidence. We work towards independence during the homework supervision. At Funky Tree, we believe in the power of a stimulus-free environment, which is why we work with are no mobile policy.

You can learn to concentrate by practicing a lot and removing stimuli such as the mobile phone, so that there is as little distraction as possible. Day planning, short assignments, time blocks and timers help with this.

Be on time | Set your goal | Discover your own learning strategy

We have developed an approach to help all children formulate their own goals and then discover and develop their own learning strategy. Our learning method provides tools for learning to learn. We also train the supervisors on the basis of this active learning. During the intake interview with parents and the pupil, we take a good look at what the needs and the purpose are and adjust the homework supervision accordingly. Homework support at Funky Tree is tailor-made guidance.

Homework support at Funky Tree

During the intake, the location coordinator discusses with you exactly which homework guidance your child needs. The students can come to us every afternoon immediately after their last lesson. Every afternoon during the homework supervision we make a daily schedule with the upcoming make and learn work spread over several days.

The students work on their schoolwork during homework supervision in groups of a maximum of ten students under supervision.

The supervisors are trained to work with the pupils on learning methods, active learning and planning, so that they master these skills.

At the end of the afternoon we evaluate the guidance and agree on what still needs to be done at home. Though, we strive that students can go home homework free!

An extra service with which students can ask a substantive question via WhatsApp about their homework and get a quick answer from one of our supervisors. So we can still help the students at home!

Planning and structure

The afternoon structure, without telephones and distractions but with day schedules and time blocks, creates a pleasant environment for every student to work on their schoolwork.


Funky Tree pays a lot of attention to the motivation of students, because this, like self-confidence and concentration, is an important condition to be able to learn well. We provide an environment where it is nice to come and where children come with pleasure. We can also conduct a motivational screening to better detect issues that impede good school performance.


In addition

If during the homework guidance it appears that a child needs more help with a certain subject, intensive 1-on-1 guidance is possible. Please go to Contact for more in depth help on science and biology. More subjects will follow fall 2019. We provide the best professional assistance. Every day we have a permanent team of supervisors who can help with all subjects, but on a limited scale. In addition to their professional knowledge, the supervisors have followed a training course that focuses on our working methods and solution-oriented work.

We recommend starting the homework supervision from 3 days a week, but every start is a good start!