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Funky Tree provides homework classes and private tutoring for kids and students, aged 12 – 18. Based in the heart of Phnom Penh, in a plant filled environment, you want to go here and finish your work.

We only work with fully licensed tutors. Drop by or just pick the days a week you want to come by!

Beautiful Space

We try to create a peaceful space, with lots of plants and trees, so that homework is done purposeful & more focused. Studies has shown us that a green environment works encouraging!


-·i·er, -·i·est

  1. smelly; musty
  2. having an earthy quality or style derived from early blues or gospel music
  3. of or characteristic of funk (sense )
  4. unconventional, offbeat, etc.
  5. emotional or soulful

Funky Tree emerges from the mind of a biologist. Therefore the Tree in Funky Tree. And Funky is just a beautiful word to indicate our point of view.

Why do you need us?

Why do you need us?

At Funky Tree we are particularly good at providing tutoring in Life SCiences. Most problems you have, we can tackle during our regular Homework Classes, where resources are available to solve difficulties in different subject. We focus mainly on structuring, prioritising and focussing during our Homework Classes.

Do you need extra help in Life Sciences/ Biology? Don’t hesitate to ask for extra tutoring possibilities!

I no longer
feel like I have to do my homework.

I just do it!

Anais –  Student







Fruit pieces

Homework Schedule

Just pick the number of days a week you want to come to our space. All listings are charged per month.

Homeworkclasses and Tutoring

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